Friday, February 4, 2011

Discover the new site and look for Conservative Homeschooler!

Drop by Conservative Homeschooler-Raising a Generation for Christ, a free online homeschool community at, to discover what current and new homeschoolers are talking about.

Since 2009, we are a small but growing community on the net that is not based on profit, but just provided a place for fellowship, fun, encouragement and discussion about family values, homeschooling, matters of faith and everything in between, though, Conservative Homeschooler, doesn't boast of large numbers like other homeschooling communities, or packed with visual graphics or offer much, but they do offer plenty in encouragement, prayers, friendship, resources and more.

If you are seeking a friendly, faith based homeschool community that is not about being worldly, drop by Conservative Homeschooler-Raising a Generation for Christ and discover a 100% Scripture based, 100% all about God and Jesus Christ.

Come on by!

Registration is fast, easy and free!


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