About Us

Conservative Homeschooler is a small homeschooling community that was begun in 2009, by a group of traditional, conservative Christian parents who was seeking for a strong, biblical based homeschool community with a strong focus on conservative values, biblical standards and a love and joy for homeschooling.

A small but growing community on the net that is not based on profit, but just provided a place for fellowship, fun, encouragement and discussion about family values, homeschooling, matters of faith and everything in between, though, Conservative Homeschooler, doesn't boast of large numbers like other homeschooling communities, or packed with visual graphics or offer much, but we do offer plenty in encouragement, prayers, friendship, resources and more.

If you are seeking a friendly, faith based homeschool community that is not about being worldly, drop by Conservative Homeschooler-Raising a Generation for Christ and discover a 100% Scripture based, 100% all about God and Jesus Christ.

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